The Dragonlords of Drexel

A great, blue ocean swelled over the whole of the planet Drexel. A small scout ship, trailing smoke and fire, streaked towards the surface of the waterworld. A massive reptilian head atop a long neck of glistening green scales crested the wind swept waves and tracked the ship's desperate descent. A moment later, the creature crashed down beneath the water. As remarkable as the sight of the sea dragon itself was the presence of a human wearing a breath mask and protective diving suit who could be glimpsed controlling the creature.

Beneath the rolling sea, the dragonlord calmly directed the serpent towards the crash. In his hand he carried a sonic stave which allowed him to communicate with the sea dragon.

The rod was one of the few bits of technology on Drexel that still worked properly. A generation ago, the dragonlord had been a space wrecker from the Korteen Asteroid Belt. He and his fellow pirates had fled the justice of the Jedi Knights and the Republic and crash landed into exile on Drexel. The dragonlords had been technicians at Korteen, but after arriving on Drexel they gave up the life of scavenging and instead chose to live in harmony beneath the sea.

They discovered that the sea dragons, which had at first terrorized them, could be communicated with using low-frequency sonic signals generated by their sonic staves. The dragons were actually quite intelligent and even open to the notion of working alongside the humans.

Not all the space wreckers were so enlightened. Many, under the leadership of the cruel Governor Quarg, remained on the surface living in a ramshackle flotilla of lashed together ships. There they attempted to maintain the decaying technology that had survived the journey from the asteroid belt. The most fearful bit of technology was the sonic jammer, which the wreckers used as a tractor beam to drag from orbit any unfortunate starships that should happen upon the Drexel system.

The dragons were especially vulnerable to the broadcasts of the sonic jammer that sent them into nearly uncontrollable rages and caused them to attack anything or anyone nearby. The dragonlords had dedicated themselves to defeating Governor Quarg and destroying the jammer. However, the dragonlords were outnumbered and outgunned. They needed to find something that would give them the edge over the wreckers.

The dragonlord and his mount surfaced again. Peering through macrobinoculars, he noticed that the crashed scout ship had attracted the attention of another sea dragon, which the sonic jammer had provoked into a frenzy. The dragonlord urged his mount towards the rapidly sinking ship. If there were any survivors, they'd need his help.


• Typical Dragonlord

Type: Dragonlord of Drexel

Height: 1.8 meters

Species: Human

Melee Combat 3D+1 Search 3D
Survival:Aquatic 4D+1 Swimming 3D
Beast Riding 5D+2 Computer/Programming Repair 5D
Watercraft 4D Repulsorlift Repair 4D+1

Force Points: 1

Move: 10

Equipment: Sonic stave (+1D Beast Riding when mounted on a sea dragon), breath mask and diving suit.

Description: Dragonlords tend to favor brightly colored diving suits when riding the equally colorful sea dragons.

A Quote: "In a war to the death... you can never have too many allies!"



• Sea Dragon of Drexel

Type: Gargantuan Aquatic Lizard


Special Abilities:

Bite: The bite of a sea dragon does STR 15D damage.

Aquatic: Sea dragons are expert swimmers and may hold their breath for up to 10 minutes without penalty.

Vulnerable to Sonics: Double the damage of all sonic based weapons used against a sea dragon. Starship or capital scale sonic weapons activated near sea dragons can cause them to go berserk; affected dragons must make a Difficult Perception roll to avoid going berserk. If the dragon has a dragonlord rider, the dragon may add the dragonlord's Beast Riding dice to its Perception roll.

Move: 30 (swim)

Size: 30 meters


The Dragonlords of Drexel were created by Archie Goodwin and Carmine Infantino.