The Creatures of Monastery: Nightshrike and Sabercat

On the evening of her arrival on Monastery, a young girl was escorted through the gardens of the Order of the Sacred Circle. Her escort, a yellow robed priest, pointed out flora as they walked, and the girl marveled at the beauty around her.

"It is our most sacred duty to live in harmony with nature," the priest explained. "There are many dangers on this world but by respecting the ever renewing circle of life, you have nothing to fear. Listen! Can you hear it? That is the call of the nightskrike. It is a winged predator, but it hunts only smaller prey in the rain forest. Do not startle it, and it will not harm you."

The girl looked up through her red hair and pointed at a large slumbering feline, remarkable for the single horn growing from its forehead. "Brother, what manner of creature is that?"

"That is a sabercat. He is as gentle as he is large. Sabercats are fearsome hunters in the wild, but here within the Circle they are loyal pets. Do not be afraid."

The girl cautiously outstretched her hand towards the sabercat, which stirred as she approached. The massive beast gently sniffed the girls fingers then began to purr loudly as she scratched it behind the ears.

"There is much we can teach you, if you are willing to learn, milady," the Priest said.

Domina Tagge looked up at the priest. "I am eager to learn," she said with a smile.


• Nightshrike

Type: Nocturnal Winged Predator


Special Abilities:

Claws: The nightshrike has razor sharp talons which do STR+1D damage.

Bite: A nightshrike will finish off its prey with a bite from its oversized maw for STR+2D damage.

Nightvision: A nightshrike's eyesight is attuned to the dark: +1D PER at night and -1D PER during the day.

Move: 20 (flying)

Size: 2.5 meters (wingspan)



• Sabercat

Type: Feline Hunter


Special Abilities:

Claws: A sabercat may attack with its claws which do STR damage.

Bite: The bite of a saber cat does STR+1D damage.

Horn: A sabercat may spear its prey on its horn for STR+1D damage.

Move: 15

Size: 2.5 meters



The Nightshrike and the Sabercat were created by Archie Goodwin and Carmine Infantino.